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Laundromat Acquisitions & Management

We are committed to helping our clients acquire great locations at great prices. We work with the best in the industry to insure high quality locations as well as high returns.

We provide quality management services that allow our clients to own multiple locations with minimal effort thus maximizing their profits as well as their free time.

For decades the Coin Laundry business has gone unnoticed by most investors, while the ones that have had the wherewithal to invest have been quietly enjoying yearly net returns of 15%-25%


Schedule a free consultation to learn more about the laundromat business. At that time we will determine if it is the right business for you and your financial goals.


At this stage we will determine your investment level and provide a custom laundromat portfolio with the best ROI available at that time.


Once you have acquired your locations and paid the applicable setup fees our management services will begin. You will start to receive weekly updates, your weekly revenue deposits as well as the monthly invoice for our fee.

Please Note:

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. All future valuations are speculative based on current and past revenue of relevant laundromat locations. Results, revenue, and client experiences will vary. Golden Alliance Management Group, LLC is not responsible for the generation of revenue or lack there of. Golden Alliance Management Group, LLC is not a broker-nor does it represent the seller or buyer of laundromat locations. Golden Alliance Management Group, LLC does not receive any commission, kick backs or inducements of any kind for the sale or purchase of laundromat locations. Golden Alliance Management Group, LLC is a private consultant and location manager for current and potential laundromat owners.

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