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Coin-Laundry Acquisitions & Management

Problem Worth Solving

The number of laundries a person can own and manage is limited due to time constraints and practicality, this in turn limits total revenue as well as the potential for growth. Also, there is an increasing danger to owner safety during revenue pick up.

About Us

We are the premier acquisitions and management company in the coin-laundry industry. Our "Gold Standard" of service is the best available.

Our Solution

We provide efficient, consistent management which allows owners to confidently own and receive revenue on an unlimited amount of locations. With our armed guard cash pick up and guaranteed revenue deposits, owner safety and revenue are virtually never at risk.



All revenue will be tracked electronically, from customer payment to owner deposits. This allows all parties involved to trust one another.



Currently owners put their safety at incredible risk while operating their laundromat locations. Our services allow for multi location ownership while remaining safe & secure.



Having a consistent, reliable, and efficient management process is crucial to multi laundromat ownership.



Build your portfolio quickly or moderately either choice will generate consistent returns that will allow you to plan for retirement and stay ahead of inflation.

Please Note:

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. All future valuations are speculative based on current and past revenue of relevant laundromat locations. Results, revenue, and client experiences will vary. Golden Alliance Management Group, LLC is not responsible for the generation of revenue or lack there of. Golden Alliance Management Group, LLC is not a broker-nor does it represent the seller or buyer of laundromat locations. Golden Alliance Management Group, LLC does not receive any commission, kick backs or inducements of any kind for the sale or purchase of laundromat locations. Golden Alliance Management Group, LLC is a private consultant and location manager for current and potential laundromat owners.

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