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Coin-Laundry Acquisitions & Management

  • Maintenance Management
  • Maintenance Service Scheduling
  • Weekly Revenue Statements
  • Weekly Machine Operation Inspection
  • Weekly Status Reports
  • Marketing Plans & Analysis
  • Equipment Price Negotiation
  • Location Price Negotiation
  • Secure Armed Revenue Pick-Up
  • Guaranteed Bank Deposits
  • Security Evaluation
  • Revenue Audit Trails
  • Initial Purchase ROI Evaluation
  • Bi-Annual Security Evaluation
  • Bi-Annual Efficiency Audit


      1.   Sales Per Square Foot Evaluation
      2.   Washer/Dryer Inspection
      3.   Gas/Water Level Check
      4.    Power Usage Audit
  • Optional Vending Management
  • Optional Attendant Management
  • Optional Guard Services

In Addition to these services we also offer location consulting, portfolio planning, and analysis. We believe that our services will raise the standard of quality for all of our clients laundromat locations. Another great benefit of our service is that it allows owners to own a virtually limitless amount of laundromat locations, giving them access to an unprecedented level of passive income. We are working to change the view and perception of laundromat ownership. We will use our position as the leader in laundromat management to establish "The Gold Standard" as the only standard of merit in the vended laundry industry.



We are available to help our clients learn and understand the many different aspects of coin-laundry ownership.



Increase your monthly cash flow by owning multiple locations. We will help plan a strategy that fits your goals.



Rest easy knowing that each location is receiving our Gold Standard of Service.



We will evaluate each location to develop plans that decrease overhead thus increasing profits.



Know what each of your locations are earning & keep track of your ROI by receiving weekly revenue statements.



Security services, revenue pick ups & deposits are handled by trained armed security personnel.

To insure the safety and trust of all parties involved owners and their locations must meet strict requirements in order to be eligible for management services. At Golden Alliance Management Group we will guide you through the necessary steps in order to meet these requirements. Contact us at (888) 415-6617 today to get started.


The Gold Standard

Requirements For Management

Please Note:

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. All future valuations are speculative based on current and past revenue of relevant laundromat locations. Results, revenue, and client experiences will vary. Golden Alliance Management Group, LLC is not responsible for the generation of revenue or lack there of. Golden Alliance Management Group, LLC is not a broker-nor does it represent the seller or buyer of laundromat locations. Golden Alliance Management Group, LLC does not receive any commission, kick backs or inducements of any kind for the sale or purchase of laundromat locations. Golden Alliance Management Group, LLC is a private consultant and location manager for current and potential laundromat owners.

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